Six Reasons to Embrace Shrinkage 4

Some of the most viewed posts on this blog are  the ones related to stretching natural hair, especially after washing. Shrinkage is one the main challenges for women with natural  hair.  A lack of understanding about shrinkage can lead many to conclude that their natural hair is unmanageable or difficult to tame.  Some have also had bad experiences related to shrinkage, such as irreparable tangles and breakage.  Others may not like how shrinkage hides the true length of their hair and get tired explaining yet again, how they didn’t cut their hair or recently go natural. However, shrinkage is more important than we give it credit for.  

Black Owned Businesses You Should Check Out Today

We want to support black-owned businesses whenever possible. When we think of black-owned, we usually consider hair products. Let’s not forget hair products are just a fraction of black-owned enterprise. We often miss opportunities with everyday, staple products like toothpaste, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. Here are a few black-owned businesses you should check out today! They provide quality, eco-friendly options for everyday products.

How to Survive as a Natural Hair YouTuber

The natural hair community has been growing on YouTube ever since 2008 or so.  However, you may find that your favorite natural hair gurus – from that time – no longer post on YouTube.  Have you looked up your favorite vloggers from 2008 recently? The natural hair community on YouTube is changing. The OG channels no longer get the views they used to. In order to keep up with the changes, it is important these channels evolve. If they fail to do this, they will get left behind. This has already happened to many great channels.  Remember old favorites like African Export, Taren Guy and Simply Younique? Back in the day, a channel with 100k plus subscribers was considered a big name channel. However, that number doesn’t compare to the 1M plus subscribers Patricia Bright has.  She actually had a natural hair channel for three years before re-branding as a beauty and lifestyle influencer. Why are our talented natural hair gurus not getting the views and subscribers they deserve?  Why have some of the natural hair channels stopped growing? The natural hair industry continues to grow, with new products and more black-owned businesses entering the market regularly.  Even mainstream brands have been influenced by the natural hair community and introduced gentler products with less harmful ingredients.  More and more black women (including celebrities) are embracing their natural hair. There is still room on YouTube for more natural hair channels and gurus.   What do you need to do to succeed […]

I can’t go natural! My hair is too tough (part 2)

When I researched the best way to care for my hair, I soon became aware of the mistakes was making and why I had problems managing it. I didn’t even comb my hair correctly! Not being able to put a fine tooth comb through my hair from root to tip led me to believe my hair was flawed.  However, kinky, coily, Afro-textured hair should be combed with a wide tooth comb, ideally when damp. There are many examples of misconceptions related to detangling, moisturizing and styling natural hair. If you think your hair is “too tough” to go natural, do your research before concluding this. Not understanding your hair  makes it hard to manage. Here are some important facts about natural hair…

I Can’t Go Natural! My Hair Is Too Tough (part 1) 6

“I can’t go natural! My hair is too tough” I can’t count the number of times I have heard this statement. Even when I share my experience of going natural, it usually isn’t enough. I’m the lucky one… My hair is just “soft”… Wrong! I used to use Optimum Super Plus relaxer and left it in longer than the recommended time. The first time I had my hair relaxed (I think I was 11 or 12 years old) it didn’t take. I have kinky, tightly coiled hair, that shrinks to what looks like a TWA. I laugh out loud when people tell me my hair is just easy to manage.

Has Southeast Asia become too touristy?

Thailand, Laos and Cambodia Every time I travel, I always consider going to a country in Southeast Asia.  When I was a school teacher I would travel during my six week vacation. Thailand was the first country I visited, where I went alone.   I intended to go to Vietnam and Laos on that trip but ran out of money. Travelling alone, I thought it was best to stick to Thailand. Laos seemed a lot more hardcore to me back then.   Four years later, my husband and I were deciding where to go, we both agreed that we should go to Laos and Cambodia.  Neither of us had been to those countries before.     We started off in Thailand and spent only two nights in Bangkok. We didn’t get off to a great start as my husband left his bank card in the cash machine at the airport. We realized when we got back to the hotel.

Going to the gym but not losing weight? Here are 6 reasons why.

Going to the gym but not losing much weight? You may have been going for a while but are finding you have reached a weight loss plateau. This can be disappointing. You may be following a training program that promises great results. The number of testimonials may have persuaded you to try it. But, for you it hasn’t worked out as well. Your expectations of weight loss may have been high but are not met. So, despite exercising, why are you not losing much weight?

Study finds white women consider Afro hair to be less attractive

Last year a study was conducted by The Perception Institute, in conjunction with Shea Moisture.  It examined the attitudes of people towards Afro-textured hair.  The Good Hair Survey measured the ratings of black and white women on a range of hairstyles. Here are the key findings: