The Overland Track – Day 5

Most of what was covered in the last post was day 4.  Day 3 was actually Windermere Hut to Pelion Hut. It was pretty straightforward. The main attractions of the hike was passing by the old Pelion Hut and a nearby river, which had beautiful cascades. We were told we could swim in it but the water was absolutely freezing. My husband decided to have a dip for about two minutes.  The modern Pelion hut was the biggest hut and seemed like luxury accommodation compared to the other huts. We felt like we were cheating a little.


Old Pelion Hut - Day 3

Old Pelion Hut – Day 3



Day 5 – Kia Hut to Windy Ridge

This day was all about the waterfalls. We even had a theme song; Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls, by TLC.  We were looking forward to seeing three in total. It was a rainy day, but  we didn’t mind as this meant impressive waterfalls.   Besides, at this point we were use to walking  in wet clothes and having wet feet. I especially like the point where your feet warm up the water in your boots and it is no longer freezing. That’s what I kept telling myself anyway. We passed the Du Cane Hut, which was extremely rustic. People are allowed to rest in it but it is not recommended that you stay there overnight.


Fergusson Falls


Our first waterfall was the Fergusson Falls.  It was an hour round trip from the signpost.  The track was pretty well-marked. From there we were able to go to the D’Alton Falls, a short distance away.  The rain had certainly paid off,  as both waterfalls were quite big. There was one person who decided to walk along the ledge and stand right under the waterfall,  in the quest to make a ‘video for his mom’. We took some standard photos but I’m sure with a more advanced camera, we would have had access to more settings, suitable for waterfalls.  Our small Nikon camera did a good job though.

We also stood there practicing an optical illusion trick someone taught us. You stare at a particular spot on the waterfall for thirty seconds, not taking your eyes off that spot. Then immediately after the thirty seconds, look at a plant or tree.  It will appear to grow. We did this for a few minutes, and it worked most of the time.  Then we moved on to find the Hartnett falls.


D'Alton Falls

D’Alton Falls



The Hartnett Falls was great. This was one of the best waterfalls I have seen so far on my travels. It was a little more tricky to get to because the track was mostly unmarked. We also had to walk along a cliff edge that was vaguely visible through the bushes, so we had to thread carefully. We got down to the river and crossed it, as it was pretty shallow.  Then we walked upstream towards a gorge. We tried to get as close to the waterfall as possible, jumping from rock to rock. They were very slippery and I ended up getting my feet wet again, as I slipped into the water. This was particularly upsetting because they were almost dry, after days of walking around with wet feet. I found it quite amusing though.

Hartnett Falls

Hartnett Falls

On Top of Hartnett Falls

On Top of Hartnett Falls


Day five was a relaxed day and the evening was even better. We played cards again and our favorite ranger was around.   He even brought his guitar with him. There was another person with a harmonica, so we put a little band together.  The ranger had a variety of song lyrics to choose from, including classic rock, pop and reggae songs. There was even some rum floating around. and we were allowed to put the heater on :-). It was one of the best nights yet!





At this point we were debating whether to take the ferry or complete the whole course and walk out. Most people were taking the ferry.  We were surprised to hear that the majority of people don’t walk out, technically not completing the whole track.  It took a lot of  persuading, but I eventually agreed to walk out, and be different.

Did you walk out or take the ferry? Stay tuned for the last part of our trip. Share your experience of the Overland Track below. Thanks for reading.


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