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Twists and braid outs are staple styles for afro textured hair. They help to achieve stretched curls, volume, and are low manipulation.  However, results vary depending on the products, hair type and method used.  The typical method involves putting damp hair into twists or braids, allowing the hair to dry, then undoing them. For shape and volume, the next step would be to separate the twists, more than once.  The more the twists are separated, the more definition is lost and the more frizz created.  For some women this can be frustrating.  There are simple techniques that can be used to create definition and  minimize frizz.

Flat twist out

Flat twist out

These include:

  • Rubbing oil into your hands before touching the hair, to prevent friction.
  • Using a product with good hold, such as flaxseed gel.
  • Styling the hair when damp.
  • Ensuring the hair is completely dry before undoing the twists (if the hair is even slightly damp it will frizz).
  • Separating the hair at the point where the curls part naturally
  • Fluff the hair gently from the roots using an afro pic. This gives volume without disturbing the curl pattern.

Even after taking these steps you  may still lose definition as you separate the hair. Some hair types are more prone to frizz. So, is it a choice between walking around with frizzy hair, or large clumps of  perfectly formed curls? Not separating the hair will  maintain definition, but not provide the shape, volume, or finished look you desire.

Flat twists and cornrow braids

A suitable method for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the separating process, is a flat twist out or cornrow braid out.  Make six to eight flat twists or cornrows. As you flat twist,  you will add small sections of hair at a time to the twist.  When you undo the flat twists, the hair will already be separated into small sections of curls. So there is no danger of creating frizz or losing definition. As for volume, the larger the sections, the greater the volume. Four large cornrows will create more volume than 8 medium-sized ones. But smaller cornrows will create tighter curls, so it is a matter of preference.   Volume and definition can be achieved at the same time. After undoing the twists, fluff at the roots and shape the hair as desired.

Cornrow braid outs

Flat Twist Outs

Check our Naptural85’s twist out method 101. This involves partially flat twisting the hair, in sections. The hair does not need to be separated after taking the twists out.

Flat twist outs and cornrow braid outs may also be less time-consuming.  Cornrows and flat twists make great protective styles that are suitable for working out. You can leave them in all day and undo them for a night out. Definition isn’t everything. I usually prefer volume to definition and have no problem with  fluffy, less defined curls. But when you want a more defined look, these are great methods for achieving it.

Style from 8 cornrows

Style from 8 cornrows

Do you prefer flat twist outs and cornrow braid outs? Comment below and follow :-).


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    Thanks Dora :-). How do you find the flaxseed gel? I love it! It’s really easy to make and is great for the hair, which is a bonus.