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Managing Fine Natural Hair 5

Afro textured hair has the appearance of volume but there are still variations in density.   Hair density is determined by the number of strands per square meter. There is thick, normal and fine hair.  This is usually determined by genetics and a person may take after a  relative such as  a parent.   Hair density may affect the way certain hairstyles work with your hair.   For example, cornrows with fine hair may result in too much exposure of the scalp, where the hair is parted.  Certain styles may cause women with this hair type to feel self-conscious about their hair density.  There are different options for styling and products that can help you to achieve the most from your hair. There are also different methods of maintaining and utilising hair density. Going natural If you have decided to go natural, you have already made a great decision for the health of your hair. Simply having your natural kinks, coils or curls will give the appearance of thicker hair. The absence of chemicals found in relaxers will also greatly improve the health of your hair. Fine hair is affected more by the use of chemicals and any damage that occurs will be more obvious. So don’t give up on your natural hair journey. Styling There are also many styling options with natural hair. Check out the series: The Versatility of Natural Hair. You will be free to try different styles and figure out the ones that work best for you. We all have styles that work better than others no matter what our hair […]