Going Natural

Five reasons to go natural

You may still be debating the idea of going natural or know someone who is contemplating it. Despite the natural hair movement growing greatly over the years, the majority of black women still use chemical relaxers to straighten their hair.  Here are five reasons to embrace your natural hair and avoid chemical relaxers for good.   1.Longer, healthier hair If you have been struggling to get your hair past shoulder length or a certain point; consider the effects of chemicals on the strength of your hair.  Don’t believe the myth that your only hope is to resort to perpetual weaving in order to have the appearance of long hair. To know the effects of chemical relaxers; check out this post here.  The harsh chemicals from relaxers weaken our already delicate strands. Afro textured hair strands are typically thinner than European and Asian hair.  Yet the use of chemical relaxers is most prevalent in the black community. Therefore we are setting ourselves up to be stereotyped as the group whose hair doesn’t grow long, when this in fact is not true. Weakening chemicals are the problem, not our hair type.  Hair that is weakened from chemicals is more likely to be thinner and shorter, as the hair will inevitably break off at the ends. There are always exceptions, but the majority of us can relate to having problems with breakage due to relaxers.  I used to wonder why it seemed easy for black men to grow huge Afros and have hair longer […]

Six common mistakes newly naturals make 2

Going natural can be exciting but challenging at the same time.  Many of us have not dealt with our natural hair since childhood.  Not only do we have to learn new techniques in managing our hair, we also have to change the way we think about our hair and sometimes challenge those who have misconceptions about natural hair.  All of this is a learning experience that takes time and patience. When I first went natural I made many mistakes, some make irreversible mistakes and have to go through the big chop or transition all over again. It  is all apart of the experience. The mistakes I made have helped me become more knowledgeable and in a position to help others who decide to embrace their natural hair.   Here are some common mistakes  many newly naturals make:

Newly natural and overwhelmed

When I first went natural there was not as much information online as there is today. Now there are endless numbers of blogs and video tutorials to help you on your journey. There are also numerous products on the market to choose from. All you have to do is Google what you are looking for and you will find a wealth of information from various sources, on natural hair. As much as this is a blessing there is also a downside, information overload!

Top tips for going natural 4

Going natural may not be a huge declaration or momentous occasion for some.  Perhaps you have taken your hair out of braids and want to delay using chemicals for a while. You may never look back.  Some may have experienced breakage due to relaxers and believe going chemical free is best.  Whatever your reasons for going natural, here are some tips to get you started on the right track.  

How to stretch your hair without using heat (updated). 2

Shrinkage is no fun when hair becomes unmanageable, knotted and prone to breakage. Stretched hair is more pliable and easier to manage, plus, you get to show off more length.  When I first went natural I thought my only option was to blow dry my hair out, after every wash. Too much heat led to dry hair and slight heat damage. There are many methods of stretching the hair without having to rely on heat. Here are some old ideas revisited plus some new ones.  

Combating dry natural hair

Dealing with dry hair can be very frustrating and often feels like a losing battle.  Dry hair is harder to style and more prone to breakage.  It can also cause you to feel self-conscious. So how do we keep our hair moisturized and feeling soft and manageable?

Natural hair on a budget

Having natural hair doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on products. Many of the styles demonstrated on YouTube are not just achieved with the product brands featured in the videos.  These companies sponsor a lot of the natural hair videos.  Some would have you believe that such products are essential for managing and styling your hair effectively.  This is not the case and you will find plenty of YouTube vloggers that use simple, natural ingredients. Most of these natural ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cupboards.  They work well, if not better, than many product brands.

I Am Natural! (Underneath) 7

Although wigs and weaves can be great protective styles, isn’t it time you revealed your real hair. Weave and wigs can work great as protective styles.  They allow you to leave your hair natural and enjoy the convenience of straight hair. No shrinkage to contend with, less detangling, protection from the weather and versatility. However, for some women it may be time to let their natural hair out, to shine in all its glory. Here are some benefits to doing this. Hopefully this will encourage you to take the next step and come away from being reliant on weaves and wigs. So what are the benefits of ditching the weave and letting your hair out more often? You will become better at managing your natural hair As with most things practice makes perfect. The more you leave your hair out the more practice you get at managing it. You will learn the best techniques for maintaining it on a daily basis. This includes forming a hair regimen that suits your routine and lifestyle. You will also have the opportunity to eliminate products and techniques that do not work well on your hair. If your hair is packed away under the weave or wig cap every month, you many only see it once in a while. Some people only take their hair out of the weave to wash it, then they reinstall it all over again. If you wear your hair out regularly you will become familiar with it and learn the best techniques managing it. You will be in […]