Five healthy snacks

Snacking between meals is not necessarily a bad habit. In fact healthy snacks can be an integral part of a healthy diet and exercise regime.  Snacking will keep your metabolism going and control cravings. At no point during the day should you be ravenous. If you get too hungry between meals you are likely to grab the nearest convenience food you can find, which is likely to be unhealthy and sugary. Incorporating healthy snacks during the day will give you the energy you need and sustain you until your next meal. This is especially important if you work out regularly.  We don’t want to ruin our good work at the gym by grabbing sugary treats, here are some alternatives. Five healthy snacks: 1. Kale Chips

Is your hair preventing you from working out?

Since Madam CJ Walker invented her hair straightening products, working out and hair has been a matter of conflict for many in the black community. The time and pain experienced when straightening the hair, meant reverting back too soon wasn’t an option. Parents would  warn their little girls to look after their hair and preserve the style for as long as possible. Even playing outside and running around could pose a threat to the hair.  In an 1982 Ebony article, reader Pam Proctor recounts the many missed opportunities to swim or participate in sports for fear of her hair “going back”.  Then came the years of relaxers, which are still going on til this day.  Some believe in the idea of sweating out the perm. Stereotypes of black women not participating in swimming have existed for the longest time. There are always exceptions to the rule, but many of these stereotypes started because of hair.  

Eight Benefits of Cycling

Some of you may be throwing gym membership money down the drain after making declarations to get fit in January. Being indoors, running on a treadmill or trying to figure out how to use workout equipment, isn’t for everyone.  That doesn’t mean you should give up on exercising completely.  There are many other ways to get fit. With the warmer weather, many may be inspired to start exercising outside.   Cycling is a great way to get in shape.  Here are eight benefits:   1. You can start indoors Perhaps you are not quite ready for the tour de France, but you can get fit in front of the TV and leave yourself with no excuses.  According to Dr Lennert Veerman at the University of Queensland, being inactive can be just as bad for your life expectancy as smoking.  You can purchase an exercise bike or put your road bike on a bicycle trainer and cycle while you watch your favorite programs.  This will reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes as well as improve your fitness.   2. You can cycle on the way to work Cycling on your way to work is convenient and cost-effective.  These days, many office buildings  have showers for employees to use.  Pedaling at 9 miles an hour burns about 287 calories per hour.  Exercise also releases endorphins which elevates mood and promotes energy. This is a great way to start the day and prepare for the challenges ahead.  Start planning what to do with the money you will save on […]

Natural Hair Journey to Health Journey 2

It’s amazing that so many women who are discovering their natural hair for the first time have also begun to consider their overall health.  Many have now embarked on a health and fitness journey.  If we are going to take the time to research what makes our hair healthy and what to avoid to prevent damage to our hair, how much more should we do this for our bodies? Hair and nails are the last to receive vital nutrients from foods. Our bodies are so amazing that they are designed to prioritize the vital organs. If we take the time to learn how to look after the least important part of our bodies; hair, then it’s only a matter of time before we desire to do the same for our overall health. What goes on inside our bodies is reflected on the outside anyway. Having the best hair care products, the best regimen and the most creative hairstyles, will not get us very far if we are not healthy from the inside. If our bodies are not hydrated for instance, our hair  and skin will suffer from dryness to reflect this on the outside.  If we are lacking key vitamins and nutrients, it doesn’t matter if our shampoos or conditioners are ‘enriched with vitamins’, our hair and overall health will still suffer. I am glad to see so many newly naturals not only embark on a natural hair journey, but also considering the effects of diet, exercise and a healthy […]

My Workout Essentials 3

Here’s what I need for a good workout. Music Good music makes all the difference. If my iPod isn’t charged I have to reschedule my workout time. Sometimes a good song comes on just when you feel like giving up and you find the energy from somewhere to keep going! Here’s my random selection of songs I like to play when working out. Top five workout songs: Jackson 5 – Can you feel it? Rocky Soundtrack – Gonna Fly Now Rocky Soundtrack – Eye of the Tiger En Vogue –  Hold on Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine Favourite piece of gym equipment I’m not a big fan of the gym because I hate the treadmill. Personally, I find it extremely mundane and I don’t particularly like doing weights either as I’m scared of bulking up. Although light weights are fine and don’t really cause you to bulk up I prefer to do resistance training with my own body weight (push ups, squats, sit ups ). This is something I can do at home.  However, the only reason I visit the gym is to use my favourite piece of gym equipment, the Cross/Elliptical Trainer. When I first tried this machine I was hooked. It provides a simulated running experience without the high impact. It is sort of like running through the air.  It works the same leg muscles that cycling does. However, because you are also rotating your arms on the machine and using your core to remain balanced, it works […]