Black Owned Businesses You Should Check Out Today

We want to support black-owned businesses whenever possible. When we think of black-owned, we usually consider hair products. Let’s not forget hair products are just a fraction of black-owned enterprise. We often miss opportunities with everyday, staple products like toothpaste, toilet paper, and laundry detergent. Here are a few black-owned businesses you should check out today! They provide quality, eco-friendly options for everyday products.

Coral Oral

This is a black-owned toothbrush company, the first black-owned toothbrush company! At the moment, a four pack set of medium or soft bristle brushes will set you back a whopping…5 dollars. Not only are their brushes affordable, each brush comes with a different pattern.

While you shop you can also learn black history facts and important health information. It is a youth run company that goes beyond oral health. They aim to educate youth and provide a good representation of black beauty and history.  It says on their website:

We believe that every human being is created different not so that we can despise each other but so that we can get to know one another. Coral Oral highlights the beauty, the essence, and boldness in the color black.

They currently have a sale, so now is a good time to check them out.

Freedom Paper Company (FPC)

FPC provides toilet paper for both commercial and personal use.  The company uses recycled paper instead virgin wood pulp. This has the following benefits to the environment:

  • saves trees
  • uses 30-70 percent less energy
  • 50 percent less water
  • reduces air pollution by 95 percent
  • reduces water pollution by 35 percent
  • reduces acid rain
  • reduces garbage, saving landfill space
  • creates 5 times as many jobs

Not only will you be supporting a black-owned business, you will also be doing your part to help the environment.  The company also strives to make their products affordable. As well as toilet paper, FPC  provides kitchen roll and facial tissues.

They also have a range of products for commercial use. If you need supplies for your business, consider using another black-owned business and build more connections within our community.
True Landry Detergent

True Products is based in Atlanta Georgia and was founded by Ali B. Muhammad in 2012. It is a veteran run company.   For $14.99 you can get 101 loads.  On their website, it states that their products are made without animal byproducts(enzymes), phosphorus, caustics, formaldehyde, DEA, petrochemicals or SLS.  Their detergents are non-toxic and phosphorus free.  True Products also have distributors in 14 States. Check out their website to see if you can purchase their products locally, or order online.


Kissed By A Bee

Beautiful  handmade products for the body, hair, and skin.  Their charcoal toothpaste was featured on the Dr. Oz show last year. “Once you brush black you won’t go back” is their slogan.  Many people are turning to natural, fluoride free toothpaste and are looking for gentler tooth whitening techniques. It’s $15 for a 2 oz tub but a little goes a long way.  Check out their website for a range of products including moisturizers, face masks, and weight loss supplements.

One thing I love about black-owned products is that the owners usually lean towards quality, less harmful ingredients.  They also tend to be environmentally friendly and not tested on animals.

In the past, you would have to pay a little extra to support such businesses.  Now many have found a way to offer quality products that are affordable.  This makes them appealing to everyone, regardless of race.  They attract anyone who wants safe, quality and environmentally friendly products.

Take a look around your house. What everyday products could you replace with black owned versions?  Have you used any of the above mentioned products?

Share your experience below in the comments.


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