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If you follow my blog you know I often stress that our natural hair is far superior to fake hair and perpetual weaving is not our only option. Unfortunately, most of the straight silky weaves we wear don’t always compliment us. And, covering our natural hair with hair of a completely different texture comes with its challenges.

Most of the businesses that sell us European style weaves are not  black owned, and the market is dominated by Korean business owners who have the advantage that  Asian hair is most in demand.  Most hair masquerading as “Peruvian” or “Malaysian” is simply hair from China, labelled differently as a marketing ploy. We spend a lot of money on hair, which doesn’t go to black owned businesses, yet we can’t even be sure of what we are getting._78109063_china-hair-factory


So, I am pleased to see a number of black owned businesses selling afro textured hair which resembles and compliments our natural hair.  Not only are we supporting them and taking back control of an industry we should be dominating, we are also embracing our natural hair texture, whilst enjoying the convenience and versatility of weaves and hair extensions.  In the movie Good Hair, Chris Rock went around trying to sell afro textured hair, nobody seemed to want it. Now times have changed, not only are we seeing the beauty of our natural hair, we are creating businesses and products related to it. Hence we are producing rather than simply consuming only.

The great thing about afro textured weaves is that they don’t necessarily look like weaves. Many  may not be able to tell  you are wearing a weave unless you are open about it. However, covering our natural hair texture completely and wearing an entirely different texture usually gives us away. Afro textured weaves allow us to have more length and volume without the burden of tirelessly trying to blend our real hair with straight silky textures. They even go beyond typical curly or wet look type weaves, as many come in kinky textures as well.  Some women flat-iron or even relax their natural hair to blend with weaves.  The longer the weave is worn, the more likely their natural hair will revert back.  Afro textured weaves are easier to blend and look fresher for longer.

Here are some black hair care companies that sell afro textured weaves.

Heat Free Hair Movement

This company was started in 2012 by Ngozi Opara, owner of the Washington DC based salon N-ZO Hair Studios.  The movement was created to address the void in the hair care industry for women with natural hair. They stress the importance of protective styling and also hold workshops.

I have seen many photos on Instagram of women with thick, luscious natural hair, mistakenly believing it to be their real hair. Only the hashtag #heatfreehair gives it away.

Heat Free Hair

Heat Free Hair

4b Hair Extensions

4b Hair Extensions

Review from Ghana Goddess

They provide wefted hair, wigs, closures and clip ins. All come in  curly and kinky hair textures, from 3c to 4a.

Finger Comber

Their tagline is; made by naturals for naturals. They sell various units including the Kinky Kurl Out unit and Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) unit, wefted hair such as the Wash and Go wefted hair, and Havana hair for braiding and twists.  They also have a collection of accessories and hair products.

Havana Twists

Havana Twists

Review from BorderHammer

Haute Kinky Hair

Founded by a fellow naturalista to provide options for women with curly/kinky hair after seeing a lack of this in the market.  Their online shop offers weaving extensions, U-Part units, clip- ins and full head units. Each hair piece can be selected in  kinky (4b/4c), curly (3c/4a) or coily hair textures (3b).

haute 1

Review by Ambrosia Malbrough

My Natural Hair Extensions

This company promises to provide human hair that is 100% remy.  The hair is steam processed to create a natural looking texture.  On their website they assert that no fillers or synthetic fibers are used and the hair is not dyed.

They offer closures, clip-ins and wigs, as well as styling tools and kits.  You can shop for the texture of your choice: perm yaki, course yaki, kinky straight, kinky curly and afro kinky.

Kurly Klips

Lets face it, some of us simply can’t be bothered to sit in the salon having weave sewn onto our heads. Dealing with tracts can be a nuisance, they can be too tight and cause  problems such as thinning edges.  It is also a commitment for a least a month, with less access to your real hair to wash and even to itch your scalp.  Kurly Klips offer simple clip-in extensions for ease of use and convenience. The founder had a bad experience uninstalling a weave and aims to prevent others going through the same. The company was founded in 2013 and has already had great success.  Their collection is split into two categories:  My Spirals, which is the curlier textures and My Fro, which is their kinkier textured hair.

Check out Chime Edward’s demonstration  below.

Kurl Klips

Kurl Klips

These type of hair extensions and weaves are in the high-end range and are therefore expensive (The Heat Free Hair brand has one unit for over $700!). However, Brazilian and Indian remy lacefronts and other human hair wigs and weaves can be just as pricey.  The less expensive brands are likely to be compromised on quality, especially with the use of synthetic fibers and chemicals to create texture. Plus, if we simply get knocks off from China, we fail to support black owned businesses.

Research the practice of each company before making such an investment.  Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing anything that can cause you financial hardship. Some women will go to great lengths to get a good weave. But remember,  the hair on your head is far superior.  If you want to add to it for an occasional  treat, good quality, afro textured weaves may be the best option.

Have you used any of these brands or can recommend others? Share below!

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