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The Versatility of Natural Hair (Part 2) 5

If you haven’t seen part 1 check it out. Here are some more examples of why natural hair is so versatile. It certainly dispels the myth that I had when my hair was relaxed, that you can’t do as much with natural hair. I haven’t covered everything as there are many more styles and techniques I am yet to discover myself. I hope this inspires you and really gets you to explore the different styling options available to you. Of course the beauty of natural hair is that it can be straightened as well. The only difference is that it isn’t permanent (if you take care when doing it). So  you can try out all these different styles and still straighten your hair occasionally or wear wigs and weaves. There are many options available to women with natural hair. Puffs This is definitely my back-up style. If all else fails I just put my hair in a puff.  I also found this style suitable for work and very convenient to do in the morning. You can cut off the leg of an old pair of tights or pantyhose and use that to put your hair in a puff.  Or you could use a stretchy headband. I use the Goody brand.  You don’t need to gel your hair back first, you could just use Shea Butter or Aloe Vera gel  to smooth your edges. Side puffs High Puffs Normal Puffs Curl formers I haven’t actually tried these myself (curl formers are […]

The Versatility of Natural Hair (Part 1) 3

One of the biggest misconceptions I had about going natural was that I wouldn’t have a lot of options for styling my hair. If you are thinking of going natural  and worry about this, continue reading. If you are already natural and are stuck for ideas I have complied a list of my favorite styling options. I have tried many of these styles. I have also included some links to some very useful vloggers who give you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve  these styles. Natural hair is extremely versatile. There are a lot of styling options available. We just have to do our research and try the many different styles. It is also important to share ideas with each other.  As I recall when my hair was relaxed I simply wrapped it and wore it down or up, that was about it. When I curled it the curls wouldn’t last. However curling natural hair is a lot easier because natural hair can be shaped and molded in many different ways. So have a look at the styles below and let me know what you think.

I can’t go natural! My hair is too tough (part 2)

When I researched the best way to care for my hair, I soon became aware of the mistakes was making and why I had problems managing it. I didn’t even comb my hair correctly! Not being able to put a fine tooth comb through my hair from root to tip led me to believe my hair was flawed.  However, kinky, coily, Afro-textured hair should be combed with a wide tooth comb, ideally when damp. There are many examples of misconceptions related to detangling, moisturizing and styling natural hair. If you think your hair is “too tough” to go natural, do your research before concluding this. Not understanding your hair  makes it hard to manage. Here are some important facts about natural hair…

Five reasons to go natural

You may still be debating the idea of going natural or know someone who is contemplating it. Despite the natural hair movement growing greatly over the years, the majority of black women still use chemical relaxers to straighten their hair.  Here are five reasons to embrace your natural hair and avoid chemical relaxers for good.   1.Longer, healthier hair If you have been struggling to get your hair past shoulder length or a certain point; consider the effects of chemicals on the strength of your hair.  Don’t believe the myth that your only hope is to resort to perpetual weaving in order to have the appearance of long hair. To know the effects of chemical relaxers; check out this post here.  The harsh chemicals from relaxers weaken our already delicate strands. Afro textured hair strands are typically thinner than European and Asian hair.  Yet the use of chemical relaxers is most prevalent in the black community. Therefore we are setting ourselves up to be stereotyped as the group whose hair doesn’t grow long, when this in fact is not true. Weakening chemicals are the problem, not our hair type.  Hair that is weakened from chemicals is more likely to be thinner and shorter, as the hair will inevitably break off at the ends. There are always exceptions, but the majority of us can relate to having problems with breakage due to relaxers.  I used to wonder why it seemed easy for black men to grow huge Afros and have hair longer […]

Black owned businesses that make natural hair weaves 4

If you follow my blog you know I often stress that our natural hair is far superior to fake hair and perpetual weaving is not our only option. Unfortunately, most of the straight silky weaves we wear don’t always compliment us. And, covering our natural hair with hair of a completely different texture comes with its challenges. Most of the businesses that sell us European style weaves are not  black owned, and the market is dominated by Korean business owners who have the advantage that  Asian hair is most in demand.  Most hair masquerading as “Peruvian” or “Malaysian” is simply hair from China, labelled differently as a marketing ploy. We spend a lot of money on hair, which doesn’t go to black owned businesses, yet we can’t even be sure of what we are getting.

Vloggers who experienced changes in their hair texture

Recent posts have explored the definition of natural hair and the dangers of chemical relaxers and texturizers. The deciding factor is whether a product leads to a permanent change in hair texture. While most product brands simply use clever  buzz words yet are essentially relaxers, others claim to offer temporary softening and increased manageability, “naturally”. Many question if this is too good to be true and can the term “natural” be used when the product contains chemicals that can alter your hair texture? Beautiful Textures; Texture Manageability System (TMS) was described on their website as follows: Now women can have the hair versatility they want without harsh chemicals and without permanently altering their curl pattern. Whatever your hair texture – curly, kinky-coily, wavy or frizzy – the Reversible™ Straightening Texture Manageability™ System (TMS) allows you to go from natural curls to straight styles and back again. For relaxed hair, the system extends the time between relaxer new-growth applications.

Newly natural and overwhelmed

When I first went natural there was not as much information online as there is today. Now there are endless numbers of blogs and video tutorials to help you on your journey. There are also numerous products on the market to choose from. All you have to do is Google what you are looking for and you will find a wealth of information from various sources, on natural hair. As much as this is a blessing there is also a downside, information overload!

Combating dry natural hair

Dealing with dry hair can be very frustrating and often feels like a losing battle.  Dry hair is harder to style and more prone to breakage.  It can also cause you to feel self-conscious. So how do we keep our hair moisturized and feeling soft and manageable?