Daily Archives: January 22, 2016

Quick protective styles for the winter months

Protective styles are important during the winter months but not everyone likes the time consuming ones or the ones that take a mid to long term commitment.  Braids, twists and certain style of weaves usually have long installation times, especially if you do them yourself. The last time I installed Senegalese twists it took me 14 hours.  I had to get them done before going on vacation so I couldn’t spread it over a few days.  Because of that experience, as much as I like braids and twists with extensions, I’ve decided to do short to medium term protective styles. It also allows me to take the style out whenever I like without feeling like I’ve wasted the time, effort and expense it took to do.  Next time I do braids or twists with extensions, I would like to try a local braider because they braid much faster and efficiently than I could doing it myself.